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Turbo Turtle Logistics is committed to running a safe operation in all aspects.  Our drivers pride themselves in being careful, not only with our equipment, but with the product they haul and the facilities to where they go.  


Turbo Turtle Logistics specializes in dry bulk commodity hauling utilizing gravity unload hopper trailers.  We have equipment that can haul up to 33.5 tons legal capacity in states that permit higher gross weight.  We specialize in the following markets: dairy cattle feed, frac sand, pet food ingredients, ag fertilizer, decorative rock, grain transfers, and harvest support.  

Best in Class

With our attention to detail, careful, courteous, and conscientious drivers, accurate filling, and trucking capacity to handle your needs, Turbo Turtle Logistics offers an experience and ease of use unmatched in the truckload carrier industry. 

guiding principles

We put great importance on long-term customer relationships.  We want you as a customer for life, not just for one load. 


Our Commitment

TurboTurtle Logistics

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Omaha, Nebraska, United States

 **new phone number!** 844.97 TURBO     [rob@turboturtlelogistics.COM]


Are you a JIT facility requiring tight timelines for product deliveries?  If so, dedicated hauling might be the solution for your needs.  Please contact us for specific rates for dedicated hauling routes.


bulk commodity hauling

We specialize in sand, fertilizer, grain, and feed ingredients. 

harvest support

Whether you are an individual farmer or a Co-op association. we have drivers with the skills and equipment knowledge to handle field-to-bin, field-to-elevator, and elevator-to-elevator transfers.  This includes self-loading from combine and grain cart and unloading into augers. 

Dispatch and Brokerage

Turbo Turtle now provides single load brokerage and dedicated dispatch to owner operators or multiple truck fleets, either with or without their own trailers.  We can also provide fuel card services.  We have the freight quality dispatch and office support to keep your trucks rolling.